Tuesday, 25 February 2014

BOBO Effects (The Secret of How to earn by work from home)

BOBO Effects 

(The Secret of How to earn by work from home)
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The Secret of How to Earn by Work From Home


Friday, 21 February 2014

Prosperity Door Decor 红绣球门彩

红绣球门彩 Prosperity Door Decor 

Please click the link below to see and contact. 

Can custom make. suitable for all prosperity door decor. 
: New Year
: Wedding
: House Warming
: Open Ceremony 
Interested please leave a message in the Facebook Page Inbox. 

★新春佳节 ★开张典礼 ★结婚喜事 ★新居入伙 ★装饰品 ★送礼佳品

❤ 确定大门尺寸-高 & 宽

❤ 选择绣球尺寸 : 

★★ 3星拱照 ★★

~ 1个15寸,2个12寸
~ 1个12寸,2个10寸
~ 1个10寸,2个8寸

★★ 5福临门 ★★
~ 1个15寸,2个12寸,2个6寸
~ 1个12寸,2个10寸,2个6寸
~ 1个10寸,2个8寸,2个6寸

有兴趣的朋友...请在Facebook Page inbox留言。




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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Call me if you need to expand your business 91661132

Call me if you need to expand your business 91661132


This small baby can help you to market your business well. Trust me. Because I m the small baby that you see now. That's me! Bobo Tan. 

Call me now at 9166 1132 or leave a message to me via sms or email to me. bobotan888@gmail.com. 

A fast and crazy idea for you to grow your business!!!! 
The World's one and only one 

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

eBook dot com find you favorite reading here

eBook dot com 
find your favorite reading here

 A small e Library for you.........................

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Scientific Tradition Lingzhi Beverage

Scientific Tradition Lingzhi Beverage

Please sms or call Bobo 91661132 for order.
Self collection at Orchard. Minimum 2 boxes for delivery.
with Scientific Tradition 

 Chocky Cocoa with Lingzhi
S$12.90 (self collect at Orchard or min 2 box for delivery)

15 sticks x 25g

Chocky Cocoa with Lingzhi is a delicious and luxurious hot chocolate drink made with Lingzhi and premium fine grade cocoa. With the obvious quality of its specially selected ingredients, it boasts a taste that is undeniably intense, full-bodied and wonderfully enriching. Think of it as the ultimate indulgence drink for those active and hectic days.

 Midori Brew Green Tea with Lingzhi
S$12.90 (self collect at Orchard or min 2 box for delivery)

12 teabags x 2g

Midori Brew Green Tea with Lingzhi is a modern fusion of two of nature’s best gifts that have been invigorating mankind for decades. Quality Japanese green tea leaves blended with premium Lingzhi make an absolutely refreshing and distinctive beverage for tea lovers. Rich in antioxidants, the natural goodness of this brew is great for all who seek a healthy, holistic beverage.

 Pure White Coffee with Lingzhi 
     S$12.90 (self collect at Orchard or min 2 box for delivery)

        15 sticks x 25 g

        Pure White Coffee with Lingzhi is a beverage uniquely blended with the finest Arabica coffee beans and Lingzhi. It delivers the most exquisite freshness of coffee while refreshing both the mind and body. Aromatically robust and naturally uplifting, Pure White Coffee with Lingzhi is a beverage that gives coffee lovers all over the world that extra boost to their day.
        Category: Coffee. 
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 Royal Milk Tea with Lingzhi 
S$12.90 (self collect at Orchard or min 2 box for delivery)

12 sticks x 20g

Royal Milk Tea with Lingzhi is made from top-quality tea and Lingzhi and blended to perfection with the richness of milk. The harmony of the tea’s fragrant aroma and the milk’s natural sweetness creates a great-tasting and healthy low-calorie drink. With its superb taste and great fragrance, a freshly brewed milk tea can now be yours to enjoy anytime.

 Xpresso Coffee with Lingzhi 
S$12.90 (self collect at Orchard or min 2 box for delivery)

20 sachets x 3g

Xpresso Coffee with Lingzhi is dark, flavourful and distinctive. For this irresistible beverage, only specially selected Lingzhi and the finest Arabica coffee beans are selected, blended
and concentrated to perfection. Perfect for keeping you in tip-top alertness, this roast surprises with a typical espresso taste that is sure to be enjoyed by coffee connoisseurs around the world.

Organic Pu Er Tea 
S $218.00 (self collect at Orchard or min 2 box for delivery)


Organic Pu-er Tea is a natural aromatic infusion that acts as a functional beverage to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Only using the finest organically certified tea leaves produced in Yunan Province, processed through optimum fermentation, steaming and pressing. Revered for centuries in the Orient, the fermented Pur-er tea is valued for its:

• Natural slimming
• Blood pressure regulating effects.

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Price may change from time to time by the Scientific Tradition. Channel Partner Rights.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Deal dot com dot sg


DEAL .com. sg provides access to exclusive daily offers at the best places to eat, exercise, shop, travel and relax. Each day, new offers are featured from one of our well-edited selection of local and international businesses.

(source: Deal dot com dot Singapore)

Expedia dot com dot sg if you like to travel

Expedia. com .sg is a one-stop online travel company that features more than 75,000 hotels, and more than 3,000 exciting holiday activities and attractions from across the world. At Expedia.com.sg, you can also read thousands of independent reviews from fellow travelers and use travel-simplifying features such as maps, weather forecasts and 360 degree virtual tours of hotels - all to enable you to explore the world with them! 

(source: Expedia Singapore)

Streetdeal Singapore - shopping here


Streetdeal Singapore is owned by Asia Deal Group Pte Ltd, the company who runs Streetdeal sites in three other countries: Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Streetdeal Singapore is one of the most famous and the third largest group-buying websites in the country. It connects all its customers in Singapore to amazing places and activities with great deals from 50% to 95% discounts. Every day, Streetdeal Singapore works diligently to create new deals for the benefit of its merchants and nationwide customers. 

Streetdeal Singapore offers a vast array of deals, including food and drink, health and beauty, leisure activities, events, travel packages and many other products and services. All of the vouchers are available for a certain period of time and at their best prices. To complete the transactions, payment can be made by credit cards or PayPal. Delivery is available nationwide. 

(source: Streetdeal Singapore)

treentops Online Fashion Boutique


Established as the up-and-coming online fashion boutique to look out for, Tree N Tops strives to provide you with the best quality female apparels at the most affordable prices. As a rapidly expanding boutique, we feature only the most fashionable outfits sourced from reliable sources all around Asia, bringing you the best and most beautiful collections that range from casual wear to office get-ups for every occasion. At Tree N Tops, we also spice things up by bringing you designs that are carefully crafted by our in-house designers for fashion that sets you apart. With the chasm between the online and offline world slowly being bridged, you can also look forward to the opening of our physical retail outlet that is set to expand our strong user-base. Features such as Quick-View, our 30-day exchange policy and shipping policies have been tailored to allow for a more pleasant user experience, and adds that extra convenience for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Should you have any suggestions that will help us to further improve your shopping experience, we are always open to feedback because it’s your experience that counts. (source: Treentops)

Used Mountain Bicycle for sale $400

Used Mountain Bicycle for sale
Please call Bobo 9166 1132

T400. Shimano brakes & Manitou suspension.
The handle bars changed to a shorter one.
Many Parts just changed new, new tyre.
The original base color was Gary Fisher, sprayed to the unique blue and black below as per photo now.
Good Condition.
Look like brand new. View to believe.
Good for starter.
Medium size.

Viewing at Serangoon

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