Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Streetdeal Singapore - shopping here


Streetdeal Singapore is owned by Asia Deal Group Pte Ltd, the company who runs Streetdeal sites in three other countries: Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Streetdeal Singapore is one of the most famous and the third largest group-buying websites in the country. It connects all its customers in Singapore to amazing places and activities with great deals from 50% to 95% discounts. Every day, Streetdeal Singapore works diligently to create new deals for the benefit of its merchants and nationwide customers. 

Streetdeal Singapore offers a vast array of deals, including food and drink, health and beauty, leisure activities, events, travel packages and many other products and services. All of the vouchers are available for a certain period of time and at their best prices. To complete the transactions, payment can be made by credit cards or PayPal. Delivery is available nationwide. 

(source: Streetdeal Singapore)

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