Saturday, 5 April 2014

Get your bizSAFE certification today!

Get your bizSAFE certification today!

Our consultants will guide your organization in achieving the respective bizSAFE milestones
leading to recognition and benefits of having good workplace safety and health practices.
What is bizSAFE?

bizSAFE is a 5-step programme administered by the Ministry of Manpower
(MOM) and Workplace Safety & Health Council (WSHC). It recognizes Small
Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for their efforts in managing safety and health
hazards in their workplaces / worksites.

Benefits of bizSAFE:

Many established corporations have placed bizSAFE certification (mostly Level 3) as a tendering
sub-contracting and supplying requirement. Thus, sub-contractors, tenderers and suppliers
having bizSAFE certification will have a competitive edge over those who do not.

With effect from November 2010, all sub-contractors, suppliers and tenderers of the Ministry of
Manpower are required to have
 minimum bizSAFE Level 1 certification.
From April 2011, all MOM Approved Crane Contractors (ACC) will be required to attain at least
bizSAFE Level 3
 before they can renew their certification.

bizSAFE LEVEL 1 : The top management of the company has to sign up for a
bizSAFE Level 1 Workshop for CEO/Top Management. Upon completion of the

bizSAFE LEVEL 2 : The company must nominate a Risk Management (RM)
Champion will then chart out the RM Implementation Plan and the company will be
upgraded to bizSAFE Level 2.

bizSAFE LEVEL 3 : To attain bizSAFE Level 3 status, the company must engage
an approved independent auditor to assess its RM implementation. Upon meeting
recognised as bizSAFE Level 3.recognised as bizSAFE Level 3.

bizSAFE LEVEL 4 : For Level 4, the company must select a Workplace Safety and
Health Management System (WSHMS) Programme Lead to attend the bizSAFE
Level 4 course on WSHMS. the WSHMS Programme Lead will then develop a WSH
Implementation Plan for the company. After completing the WSHMS Plan, the
companymay apply for bizSAFE Level 4 status.

bizSAFE LEVEL 5 : To achieve bizSAFE Level 5 (STAR LEVEL), the company must
engage an independent third party auditor to certify that your WSHMS meets the
SS506 standard or any similar international standard.standard or any similar
international standard.

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  1. Can I do the bizSAFE WSHMS course before the CEO goes for the bizSAFE workshop for
    CEO/Top Management?

  2. Can I do the bizSAFE WSHMS course before the CEO goes for the bizSAFE workshop for
    CEO/Top Management?

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