Thursday, 1 May 2014

Long Hair Lady Make Over for Your Hair Style!!!!

Long Hair Lady Look Here!!!! 
Makeover for your Hair Style!!
You cut hair, we pay you.!!!

Do a Makeover for your hair style!!!! finding ladies who is keen from long hair (at least 50 cm, at least till above or below waist) to bod hair (short below ear length) . anyone? please contact me at 91661132. will be reward $100 for you. (for marketing research). please sms your name, age, and hair length to 91166 1132

寻找愿意把长头发剪短的女士。 头发必须长于五十公分。大概到腰部。愿意把它剪到很短到耳下。 我们会给你一百。 市场调查。 请电91661132


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