Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Name Card only $6 per box

Name Card only $6 per box
Min 5 boxes
260 GSM art card.
Double side full colour.
Matte laminated.
Pdf format. 92mm x 56mm.
Cmyk colour.
If got black portion.
Black Cmyk total must below 250%.
Call 91661132 to order

Monday, 30 November 2015

Business Solution

 Affiliate of DVL Marketing

 Call Bobo 91661132 for more information.

1) Marketing Video Production

This service will give you a professional template based commercial video with music, effects and text. 

2) Professional Consultations

We have excellent ways and strategies to keep your customers engaged, and up-to-date on the latest news, events, and happenings with your business

3) Website Design / Mobile Apps Design

Let our team of experienced professional web designers build you a creative, beautifully designed professional website. 

4) Custom Image Extra

This extra allows you to include your own custom images in the video.

5) Making Video Clips

For $20, we will make video intro like in preview sample, but with your images!!! Very useful for YouTube Channel, Game intros, Teasers, Short films, Promos, Marketing campaigns, Event promotion, Presentation for a project website or business, Branding, Special events, Product advertising, Commercial projects, Promo sales and more. You will receive:

6) Custom Video Clips Extra

This extra allows you to include your own custom videos in the video.


7) Custom Video Production

This Package is for those who wish to have a custom video made for their business. The video includes: 

8) Custom Audio Extra

This extra allows you to include a custom Voice Over in the video.

9) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most important aspects that needs to be considered when starting your online presence. Why? Well you could have the best product/service ever and the most beautiful website with all the bells and whistles imaginable; though without a way for people to find it; it is just an expense you do not need.  SEO is configuring a website so that it has a chance to show up in a search result for a particular phrase and ideally on the first page. In other words it is a way of telling Yahoo, Google or MSN what we think our site is about. All search engines have a slightly different formula for how they determine these results. But in short, they look at different factors of each website page, rank them and then give those results to you.

10) ERP System

Automate your business processes with ERP Software

11) Buy Your Favourite Domain Name

Captionless Image


12) Web Hosting

We believe in providing the full value and cost to our customers comprising of all fees and charges, reliability and functionality of systems, availability and quality of customer support, and our registrars’ long-term viability. Choose from one of our many hosting packages.

Package of Web Hosting

Captionless Image

13) Web Maintenance

One fundamental process in growing your website is to keep it current and up-to-date. To do this, you need to make sure it showcases the latest information about your company’s products and services. Aside from content, you also need to consider the layout and user experience. What works and looks good now may not be as efficient and visually pleasing after some time.

14) Writing Business or Making Video

This Intro help you to attract more attention to your website.You can promote your website,blog,logo or something you want! Choose how you like to present:

15) Design Company Namecard

We take advantage of a wide variety of designs and styles. Custom Shapes (Heart, Star, Triangle, etc.)

16) Customized Twitter or YouTube background image

We will make you a customized Facebook, Twitter or YouTube background image 

17) Video or Photo Shooting

Captionless Image

18) E Business Helper / Business Listing Template Package

One way local businesses can get found is through inclusion in online directories. Adding a listing to these online directories is easy.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Business Solution - Cheap and reasonable prices

Are you struggling with SEO? No follower for your website, Instagram, Facebook, or any social media? Difficult to get a good and reasonable price Graphic design? Want to create a website but always expensive?
Here's a good intro for you. Click the link, sign up free. Find the most affordable and reasonable prices for your business solution!

<<<<<https://goo.gl/Ng8Ch4>>>>  Are you struggling with SEO? No follower for your website, Instagram, Facebook, or any social media? Difficult to get a good and reasonable price Graphic design? Want to create a website but always expensive?  Here's a good intro for you. Click the link, sign up free. Find the most affordable and reasonable prices for your business solution!   #businesssolution #seo


Sign up free to earn SGD$10 credit. Buy grocery, stuff online. With Delivery.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015



Monday, 16 November 2015

Buy 1 Get 2 Free - Korean Bags Set

Buy 1 Get 2 Free - Korean Bags Set

Best Chiffon Top

Get LinkedInfluence now for just $97

Get More Business From LinkedIn Now! 

Stop what you are doing right now and take a few minutes to watch this extremely important video on LinkedIn.
This video explains why this often overlooked social networking site is delivering double the results over every other site.
My friend Trevor Turnbull (the main guy when it comes to all things LinkedIn) put it together and I know it will add value to your business.
Take my word for it and go watch it now!
<boboqeen >

Optional Subject lines (masterclass is working well lately in split tests.)
Subject: Masterclass - New LinkedIn Strategies for 2015
Subject: Masterclass - Mining gold from LinkedIn...
Subject: Masterclass - LinkedIn Marketing strategies for huge gains
I'm writing you to tell you about a brand new masterclass I have put together for you!

It's all about how LinkedIn will revolutionize the way you do business.

My good friend Trevor Turnbull is a genius with LinkedIn. When it comes to getting real results - LinkedIn is a gold mine. If you have a business or want more traffic, leads & sales - sign up for this webinar - you'll thank me later!
If you are wondering if this webinar is a good fit for you or your business - Ask yourself the following question....
"How much revenue have you generated from LinkedIn in the last year?"
If the answer was $0 or if it was under 10k - you will get massive value from this webinar.
During this webinar you're going to learn:
- How to mine Gold from hidden pockets of LinkedIn..
- How to find, connect & convert new prospects into revenue
- One BIG mistake that people make on LinkedIn (and how to avoid it)
- Two BRAND NEW LinkedIn lead strategies :)
- The 40k group method (this is pure gold)
Hope to see you on shortly,

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Events Management and Events Planning

For Dear Potential Clients.
Perhaps you have not heard of us. My company Livewir3 has been a service provider to companies like Lo’real, Roca, W.Atelier, Scape and also to Govt agencies like Singapore Police Force, Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Social and Family Development.
I am now happy to introduce ourselves to you.
Our services are in Events Management and Events Planning.
Be it to support your events with Emcees or Sound system…or to create and manage the entire event, we make sure the following:
For Management - your event will be Cost-effective with a proud showcase of your Company’s reputation
For your attendees and guests - they will have a memorable and favourably experience and will remember your Company
These are the type of events we are capable of:
- Product Launch
- Media Conference and Launch
- Conference
- Office grand Opening
- Shop Grand Opening
- Seminars and Workshops
- Appreciation Dinner
- Year-End Dinner
- Award Ceremony
- Special Customised events
If you have a budget, feel free to discuss with us. Events can be managed from as low as $550.
Should you require further discussion, you may call us:
BoBo: 9457 4732

For Dear Potential Partners.
We are an Events Management Company and we hope to expand our network of suppliers and partners.
These are the type of events we do are:
- Product Launch
- Media Conference and Launch
- Conference
- Office grand Opening
- Shop Grand Opening
- Seminars and Workshops
- Appreciation Dinner
- Year-End Dinner
- Award Ceremony
- Special Customised events
The partners that we continuously will look for:
- Sound System and AV Equipment ( for small scale events to medium & large events )
- Photography
- Videography ( recording and live-feed )
- Food Catering
- Drinks Catering
- Outdoor event logistics
- Venues
- Emcees and Master of Ceremony
- Live-bands and Singers
- Dancers and Performers
- Special effects equipment
If you have an idea of collaboration, feel free to discuss with us.
BoBo: 9457 4732
events management
events management
livewir3 name card2

Monday, 9 November 2015

Join Travel Smart Rewards!

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Monday, 2 November 2015

Wechat Marketing

Call 91661132 
to Learn How to Reach More Customers 
and Get More Sales from WeChat! 

1. WeChat Blast which can reached out potential prospect by location. It can be Singapore and overseas.
WeBlast Marketing Service Starter Package
Messages/day : 400 
Unique user outreach per week : 2,400 
Total messages outreach/month : 10,400
Cost : $5xx per month (min 2 months Commitment) 
*WeChat ID and contents provide by clients.

2. Basic plan which included registration of Business Account with up to 15 menu creation with the below function at $2,xxx

 3. Additional $2,xxx to integrate the below CRM & CLP (Customer Loyalty Programme) features;

Channel Partner Programme: Lobang Queen Bobo Tan

Monday, 26 October 2015

meet merchant

Meeting Merchant Boss Coffee Session

Venue: MOS Burger Toa Payoh
Date: 27/Oct
Day: Tuesday
Time: 5pm to 7pm
Need to meet the decision maker. This will be a casual discussion on sharing a good way to enhance your business.
Please send MobileApps/Your Name/Your category to 91661132. See you there. Looking for merchant who is doing as per below. Please call me at 91661132 to discuss. For clients who is using mobile apps to search and buy your service and products.

S/No. Phase 1 Categories List
1.1 Aircon Services - Aircon Installation
1.2 Aircon Services - Aircon Repair
1.3 Aircon Services - Aircon Servicing
2.1 Alternative Healing - Reiki
2.2 Alternative Healing - Traitional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
3 Babysitter
4 Badminton Lessons
5.1 Beauty - Hairstylist
5.2 Beauty - Makeup Artist
5.3 Beauty - Mobile Manicure & Pedicure
5.4 Beauty - Mobile Spa
6 Car Grooming
7.1 Cleaning Services - House Cleaning
7.2 Cleaning Services - Laundry Services
7.3 Cleaning Services - Mattress Cleaning
7.4 Cleaning Services - Sofa Cleaning
7.5 Cleaning Services -Carpet Cleaning
8 Computer Repair
9 Confectionery
10.1 Courier Service - International Courier Service
10.2 Courier Service - Local Courier Service
11 Dog Training
12 Electrician
13.1 Entertainer - Artist & Performer
13.2 Entertainer - Clown & Ballon Artist
13.3 Entertainer - Emcee
13.4 Entertainer - Magician
13.5 Entertainer - Musician & Live Band
13.6 Entertainer - Singer
14 Gardener
15 Guitar Lessons
16.1 Handyman - Fridge Repair
16.2 Handyman - Furniture Repair
16.3 Handyman - Roof Reapir
16.4 Handyman - Washing Machine Repair
17.1 Home Massage (Ladies only) - Aromatherapy
17.2 Home Massage (Ladies only) - Baby Massage
17.3 Home Massage (Ladies only) - Hot Stone Massage
17.4 Home Massage (Ladies only) - Post-Natal Massage
17.5 Home Massage (Ladies only) - Pre-Natal Massage
17.6 Home Massage (Ladies only) - Reflexology
17.7 Home Massage (Ladies only) - Swedish Massage
17.8 Home Massage (Ladies only) - Thai Massage
18 Locksmith
19.1 Medical - Dietician
19.2 Medical - Home Nursing Care
19.3 Medical - House Call Doctor
19.4 Medical - Non-Emergency Ambulance
19.5 Medical - Occuoational Therapist
19.6 Medical - Physiotherapist
20.1 Movers - House Movers
20.2 Movers - International Movers
20.3 Movers - Piano Movers
21 Painting Services
22 Party & Event Planner
23.1 Personal Trainer - Bodybuilding
23.2 Personal Trainer - Pilates
23.3 Personal Trainer - Weight Loss
23.4 Personal Trainer - Yoga
23.5 Personal Trainer - Zumba
24.1 Pest Control - Ant Control
24.2 Pest Control - Bedbug Control
24.3 Pest Control - Bee Control
24.4 Pest Control - Bird Control
24.5 Pest Control - Cockroach Control
24.6 Pest Control - Housefly Control
24.7 Pest Control - Mosquito Control
24.8 Pest Control - Rat and Rodent Control
24.9 Pest Control - Termite Control
25.1 Pet Services - Pet Cremation
25.2 Pet Services - Pet Food Delivery
25.3 Pet Services - Pet Gromming
25.4 Pet Services - Pet Hotel
25.5 Pet Services - Pet Veteinary
26 Photographer
27 Piano Lessons
28 Plumber
29 Private Chef
30.1 Rental - Chair Rental
30.2 Rental - Laptop Rental
30.3 Rental - Projector Rental
30.4 Rental - Sound System Rental
30.5 Rental - Table Rental
30.6 Rental - Tentage Rental
31 Squash Lessons
32 Swimming Lessons
33 Swimming Pool Maintenence
34 Tennis Lessons
35.1 Transportation - Drive Home Valet Service
35.2 Transportation - Limo Service
36 Videographer
37 Violin Lessons
37 Violin Lessons
38 Vocal Training
39 Wine Delivery
40 Ad Hoc Merchants
41 Florists
42 Catering


Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Singapore Start Up Program

Dear Friends:
I need a favor from you.
I am involved in a start-up (SINGAPORE only) that is launching in a few weeks' time.
We are open for FREE registration now.
I would really appreciate it if you can refer me high quality merchants in potential partnership in the following areas.
They can be your friends, relatives or business owners that you know.
I will give you a $$ rewards for referrer or won deal based on terms and conditions.
I assure you it's complete FREE registration and we have a very unique RISK-
FREE proposition along with strong leaders in our management team.
Thank you, please help me to share this post.
Feel free to PM or SMS (91661132) me for any clarifications.
P.S. In this pre launch phase, we are looking at vendors providing home services in the following categories:
My Focus Categories:
- Pet Hotel and Pet Food Delivery
- Projectors/PA/AV Rental
-Aircon Services
--Aircon Installation
--Aircon Repair
--Aircon Servicing
-- Car Grooming
--Swimming Pool Maintenance
Other Categories:
- Pets Vet & Pets Cremation
- Home Party/Events
- Magician/Clown/Ballon Artist
- Musician/Singers
- Artists/Performers
- Canopy Rental/Tables & Chairs
- Make up Artists/Hairstylist/mobile Minicure/Pedicure
-Mobile SPA/Facialist
- Private Chef
- Baker/Confectionary
- Wine Delivery
- Photographer & Videographer
- Computer Repair
-Cleaning Services
--Carpet Cleaning
--House Cleaning
--Laundry Service
--Mattress Cleaning
--Upholstery Cleaning
-Painting Services
--Exterior Painting
--Interior Painting
-Piano Lessons
--Piano Lessons For Adults
--Piano Lessons For Kids
-Badminton Lessons
-Courier Service
--International Courier Service
--Local Courier Service
-Dog Training
-Guitar Lessons
--Acoustic Guitar Lessons
--Bass Guitar Lessons
--Classical Guitar Lessons
--Electric Guitar Lessons
--Guitar Lessons For Beginners
--Guitar Lessons For Kids
--Ukelele Lessons
--Fridge Repair
--Furniture Repair
--Roof Repair
--Washing Machine Repair
-Home Massage
--Aromatherapy Massage
--Baby Massage
--Hot Stone Massage
--Post-Natal Massage
--Pre-Natal Massage
--Swedish Massage
--Thai Massage
--Home Nursing Care
--House Call Doctor
--Non-Emergency Ambulance
--House Movers
--International Movers
--Piano Movers
-Personal Trainer
--Weight Loss
-Pest Control
--Ants Control
--Bedbugs Control
--Bird Control
--Cockroaches Control
--Fly Control
--Mosquitoes Control
--Rats Control
--Termites Control
--Wasp Control
-Pet Grooming
-Squash Lessons
--Squash Lessons For Beginners
--Squash Lessons For Kids
-Swimming Lessons
--Baby Swimming Lessons
--Swimming Lessons For Adults
--Swimming Lessons For Kids
--Swimming Lessons For Ladies
--Toddler Swimming Lessons
-Tennis Lessons
--Tennis Lessons For Adults
--Tennis Lessons For Kids
-Violin Lessons
--Violin Lessons For Adults
--Violin Lessons For Kids
-Vocal Training