Sunday, 6 March 2016

Public Relations Services

If you think you need to do something to build up a strong public relationship with public, this is a good solution for you. Contact me at 9166 1132. Public Relation Services (maily for SME’s company)
Under the PR Agreement, in payment of a monthly retainer of S$400 per month, the sevice provider will provide your company the following Public Relations services.
a.         Manage your company’s Facebook page 
(1)        the sevice provider will be responsible to develop content to drive affinity and build fans
(2)        the sevice provider will undertake to post on average 5 posts per week on your company’s Facebook Page (including weekends and public holidays)
(3)        the sevice provider agrees that the Fan base accumulated belongs to your company
(4)        You will be responsible to post proprietary information (at least 2 per week)
(5)        the sevice provider will assume fully liability for any post it uploads while your comapny does the same for any post they upload
b.         Promote your company 
(1)        Issue press releases on online PRLog
(2)        Pitch stories to main stream media and publications
(3)        Source for partners/sponsorship to co-brand your company
c.         Monitor and Protect your company’s Online Reputation 
(1)        Daily monitoring of online responses to Facebook postings
(2)        Provide specialist advice on the management of negative comments (if any)
At the end of the retainer, the sevice provide will do it level best to deliver to your company the following:
a.         Fan Base of at least 500
b.         An affinity ratio of at least 10%

SMS PRS / Your Name/ Company/ HP/ to 91661132

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